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NBA Trade Rumors: Brian Windhorst Reports More Than 5 Teams Are “Making an Offer for Lonzo Ball”

Lonzo Ball will be a prized asset for any team he gets traded to

Lonzo Ball has shown that he is not just a one-trick-pony. The kind of season he has had with the New Orleans Pelicans is exceptional. Earlier, everybody was of the opinion that Ball is one of the best young passers in the game. Now, however, he has added incredible defensive awareness to his array of skills.

However, Ball’s tenure at the Pelicans might be coming to an end as the rumors of his trade are gaining attention. TV analyst Brian Windhorst reports that there are five teams that are on the lookout for signing him.

In a conversation with ESPN, Windhorst talked about Lonzo Ball and his trade options. He said, “With Lonzo, you’re trading him to make him your franchise point guard. Or you can play him next to a point guard off the ball. You have to sign him for a pretty significant extension this summer. That is why you would trade for him.”

He continued, “The teams that are interested in Lonzo are a different collection of teams. I have heard that the Knicks are one of the teams interested. They have an interesting toolbox in this market. They have extra picks and salary-cap space which means that they can make a lopsided trade.”

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What Lonzo Ball brings to the table

After spending one tumultuous season with the Lakers, he was transferred to the New-Orleans Pelicans in the bruited trade for Anthony Davis. The arrival of LeBron James in July 2018 was a major reason for the trade to take place.

In his four-year career, Lonzo Ball has played in the point-guard role and proved himself to be a great passer of the rock. His partnership with Zion Williamson works because he has the ability to deliver dimes to Zion. They both have been particularly good at defense for the Pels this season.

Lonzo Ball is a player who will introduce a positive mindset into any team. He will add to the defensive spectrum and also put on stellar shows. In essence, players like him are a rarity in the NBA, and having him on a roster will surely boost any team’s chances for the playoffs.

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