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NBA Trade: Jeremy Lin to be Signed by Golden State Warriors

NBA Trade: Jeremy Lin, Beijing Ducks

The NBA season of 2019-20 ended this month with a phenomenal victory for the Los Angeles Lakers. Now it’s time for the NBA trade. The teams will swap players for upping their squads’ strength and skills. There are trade rumors worldwide and news on which player will be grabbed by which team.

In today’s story, we have picked up Golden State Warriors for their potential selection of Jeremy Lin for next season. Steven Kerr, the head coach of Golden State Warriors, is eying on a new player that can be useful to their squad in winning the next season’s championship.

Jeremy Lin, who’s currently playing for the Chinese Basketball Association’s team Beijing Ducks, is rumored to be their pick for the point-guard position. Jeremy Lin was last seen playing for Toronto Raptors and demonstrated his brilliance as a backup point guard for various NBA teams. 

NBA Trade: Why Jeremy Lin for Golden State? 

Jeremy Lin first entered the NBA scene during the 2010-11 NBA season. He played for the Golden State Warriors at that time. Next season, he played for New York Knicks, and he displayed his excellent shooting and ball-handling ability. That made him immensely popular. After spending 2019 with the Raptors, he has moved to China to play for CBA. 

Shaun Livingstone used to be their backup point guard for Stephen Curry, played for Golden State for five seasons, and retired from the game. Now the team is looking for another player who can fill the void left behind by Livingstone. 

Steven Kerr is known for his flexible offensive system that can easily integrate Lin’s skills during the game. Since the Golden State Warriors are suffering from the absence of a right backup point guard, Lin comes to the rescue. 

NBA: Good Times Ahead for The Warriors?

After not entering the NBA Playoffs of 2020, the Golden State Warriors will welcome their injured players Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. They are going to be selected for the NBA Draft 2020. There are rumors that Golden State will be considering bringing in another star player to their roster. With the likes of Curry and Thompson, they are going to dominate the next season for sure. 

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