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NBA Trade: Houston Rockets Might Bring in Nerlens Noel, Not Ben Simmons

NBA trade: Houston Rockets Logo

NBA trade rumours are making rounds every day, and we are trying to cover everything as much as possible. The Philadelphia 76ers are in dire need of strategic roster improvements. Daryl Morey has recently been elected as the president of 76ers with a five-year contract. Daryl Morey previously worked with Houston Rockets as their general manager. His arrival was announced at a press conference held on Monday

His entry in 76ers suggests that they intend to get things done. Morey is known for his penchant for players who have impressive skills. Is there any surprise that James Harden has been linked with a possible trade with the Sixers? However, why would Houston trade its best player with Sixers? 

NBA Trade: Is it Possible That Harden Will Join Sixers? 

The first question that arises in everyone’s mind is why Houston Rockets would let go of their best player? Tim MacMahon of ESPN explained why the possibility of such trade between two teams is bleak on Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective podcast

“I’ve already been told with a few expletives included by somebody with the Rockets that ‘No Daryl, Ben Simmons for James Harden is not happening, don’t ask.”

Above statement from Tim MacMahon suggests that nobody wants to trade James Harden for Ben Simmons. It is not going to happen. Daryl Morey is known for picking up shooters to strengthen the roster, which will occur with the Philadelphia 76ers. Since Harden is not going to Philadelphia, they will have to find someone else. 

Who is Better Option for Rockets?

Stephen Silas is now the head coach of the Houston Rockets, and they will target a conventional centre this offseason.

Tim MacMahon also said that they are likely going to acquire Nerlens Noel since he will enter free agency. Nerlens was first known for playing 76ers, then he was playing with Dallas Mavericks, and currently, he is playing with OKC Thunder.

He has an impressive record of 7.4 points, 4.9 rebounds in the latest season. With him, his rim-protecting skills can be useful. Since Rockets are looking for a good player with a bargain, he can be under their wings without any issue. If he joins the Houston Rockets, that will be a good deal for them. What do you think?


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