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NBA Trade: Are Chicago Bulls Looking to Exchange Zach Lavine for Buddy Hield?

NBA Trade: Zach LaVine from Bulls

The NBA Finals of 2019-20 finished on October 11 with the victory of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, it’s offseason, and NBA trade rumors are back in the market again since teams are looking forward to exchanging or adding new players to their squads to improve the odds of winning the next championship. 

We are extensively covering the NBA Trade Rumors in our articles, and this article is about the possible trade speculations on the Chicago Bulls. They couldn’t win the championship, and now they have to face the ambiguity of whether to import another star player in exchange for their player or stick to the old arsenal by improving it. 

Rumors are floating around that Zach LaVine might be given away to Sacramento Kings in return for Buddy Hield. 

NBA Trade: LaVine vs. Hield Deal

NBA reporters are dropping hints that Chicago Bulls are looking for a playmaker for the upcoming championship. Their team already has a good playmaker like Coby White. Now the question arises, are they going to let Zach LaVine go to a rival team? 

Zach has demonstrated his skills as a good ball-handler and player in the previous matches. However, there are possibilities that the management is looking for someone like LaMelo Ball, who can join Coby White in the court. 

Bill Simmons, a famous sports analyst, and a podcast show host, has recently made a statement during one of his episodes that hinted at Zach LaVine’s departure for Sacramento Kings. 

Here’s what he said during the show: 

“Remember Sacramento tried to sign him (LaVine) to the restricted free agent offer. And they have Buddy Hield’s contract. And that is going to be $24 million, and he is unhappy and wants out.”

A Good Outcome for Both Teams? 

He thinks that there’s a deal brewing between the Kings and the Bulls, and they will pick Buddy Hield from Sacramento’s squad to strengthen their young talent. Hield is an elite shooter from Sacramento. In exchange for Hield, LaVine will head out to the Kings. 

There was news that Luka Walton, head coach of the Kings, and Hield are not happy working with each other, and thus Hield will likely prefer going out of the team.

Kings already have players like De’Aaron Fox and Bogdan Bogdanovic. The arrival of LaVine might be a good move for them. 

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