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‘When Does It Stop?’ Jamal Crawford Stands up for Another Innocent Black Man, Killed By Cop in Minnesota

Jamal Crawford was renowned for his crossovers.

Brooklyn Nets point guard, Jamal Crawford took to Twitter to show his concern for a black man named Daunte Wright, who was killed by Minnesota police. 

According to Brooklyn Center police’s statement, officers stopped an individual at a traffic stop around 2 pm Sunday. Police believed the man had an outstanding warrant, and they tried to arrest him. However, the driver re-entered the car and drove away. An officer fired at the car, which may strike the driver. The vehicle traveled several blocks and crashed into another car. Later a woman claimed to be the victim’s mother identified the dead body as Daunte Wright.

Jamal Crawford noticed this incident and sent his condolence via Twitter. He wrote, “And they wonder why we don’t trust the police…. When does it stop???” The 41-year-old is always vocal against police brutality, and last year he also showed his concern over George Floyd’s killing by the cops.

Jamal Crawford commented on police brutality

Crawford has always been an active vocal regarding the ethnicity of people and has been working to ensure the deprived people’s rights. He reckons police brutality on black people is not new. “If you look back over the last you know 50 60 years since the civil rights movement these things have happened police brutality police killing black people it’s happened,” Crawford said in a podcast on George Floyd’s death.

But Jamal also believes that all the police are not the same. “Not all police, but there are some people in general who don’t see people with color as equals, and it’s just an issue,” Jama stated. Jamar argued that the police brutality on anyone, regardless of race and color, has to be stopped. 

A group of people is protesting at Brooklyn Center over Wright’s killing, and Jamal seemed to support the protest from his place as he clearly showed his sadness via Twitter. 


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