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“Whatever It Takes to Win” James Harden Describes the Winning Mentality That Requires to Be Successful

James Harden

Throughout his career James Harden has been a sensational player. He has racked up a plethora of accolades in the process as well. However, if there is one thing missing from his resume, is postseason success.

The closest that Harden has reached to that goal is with the Houston Rockets. But at the beginning of the season, it was quite evident that the Beard is looking for his way out Houston. The rumors turned out to be true as James requested for a trade.

After weeks of speculation, James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets. By joining the Nets, Harden created a super team alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The three superstars are arguably three of the best offensive players in the modern era.

The fans expected them to hit the ground running. After spending a few weeks together, that’s what is happening as of now.

James Harden describes what it takes to be successful

James Harden and Kyrie Irving

Currently, the Brooklyn Nets are just half a game behind from taking over the first seed in the Eastern Conference. They have won all but one game in their last ten fixtures. So it’s safe to assume that the team on the right track.

After winning tonight against their rivals, Boston Celtics, James Harden joined for the post-game interview. Harden talked about the mentality he expects his team to show during crunch time. He said:

Whatever it takes to win by any means necessary. Whether it’s boxing out [or] getting loose balls. You know it’s not just about scoring a basketball . It’s the small things, the detailed things and we have been doing as of lately and we got to continue to do that.”

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