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“We’ll See” Marc Gasol Hinting To Leave Lakers’ Due to Change of Roles After Signing Andre Drummond

Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol has held his own in a Lakers side that is fighting to defend their title. However, with the inclusion of Andre Drummond, the Spanish International believes that his time at the Lakers might be coming towards its end.

Marc Gasol has provided solidity in defense, especially under the rim. Among many qualities, one that stands out is his tremendous passing ability. Gasol being in possession of the ball is a worry for other teams as he can pick passes that are very rarely seen in the league.

However, Andre Drummond holds such importance that his presence itself will demand a starting position. Drummond has championship experience and can impart invaluable knowledge to the youngsters. Moreover, Drummond has already played once with LeBron James and that will play a part in his selection.

Rumors of Gasol leaving the Lakers have been doing the rounds ever since the trade deadline ended. When AD comes back, Gasol will surely be pushed to the fringes. When Lakers insider Dan Woike asked him about his future with the Lakers, Gasol replied, “we’ll see”. This cryptic reply sent social media into a tizzy with many speculating that he might be leaving before the end of the season.

Will Marc Gasol leave before the end of the season?

The arrival of AD into the team would mean that Drummond and Davis will rotate in between games. However, Gasol has repeatedly mentioned that he thrives on being played. Critics and analysts speculate that he will look for other options if he does not play.

Marc Gasol

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Marc Gasol #14 of the Los Angeles Lakers handles the ball against the Washington Wizards

Coach Frank Vogel has stated that Marc Gasol is an integral part of the side. He also stated that Gasol will help them defend their championship this season.

There is no denying the fact that Gasol has become an integral part of the Los Angeles Lakers outfit. Losing him will be a huge setback for the Lakers. Should he leave, other teams will be elated to have a veteran center in their ranks.

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