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“We All Took It to Heart” Kevon Looney Reacts to Steph Curry’s Motivation Speech

Nico Mannion of the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors fell to their fourth consecutive defeat in their game against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. The relentless pressure from the Hawks proved too much for the Warriors as they capitulated. John Collins had the game of his season as he took his side to a 124-108 victory.

With Stephen Curry injured and out of action for five games, the Warriors were severely undermanned and it showed. Rookies Nico Mannion and James Wiseman had to take the mantle on their inexperienced shoulders. Moreover, the absence of Klay Thompson has also affected the side adversely.

The injured Stephen Curry tried to rally his troops in between quarters. He gave a powerful speech to his teammates to fight till the buzzer. However, his efforts were not enough as the Hawks powered on towards the win. In the post-game press conference, Kevon Looney talked about Curry’s speech.

He said, “It was a usual speech from him. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year so he has been doing a lot more talking. It was good to hear his voice. He has been our common factor across all the seasons.”

Looney continued, “He has been there to give us the direction. So to hear him and Draymond in the locker room is good. We all listen to them and we all took it to heart. So next time when we go out there, I think it’s gonna show.”

The Golden State Warriors out of playoff contention?

John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks scored a career-high 38 points for his side and finished with 12 rebounds to his name. It was a sublime performance from the Atlanta Hawks as they capitalized on the defensive frailties that were on show by the Golden State Warriors.

Jordan Poole

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MARCH 26: Jordan Poole #3 of the Golden State Warriors shoots the ball during the game against the Atlanta Hawks

The Golden State Warriors are 10th in the Western Conference standings. At the moment they are out of contention for the playoffs and their chances of qualification look slim. However, with Stephen Curry in their roster, the Warriors will be hoping for a miraculous turnaround in the business end of the season.

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