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Watch: Dwyane Wade, Candace Parker trying to hoop grapes into Shaquille O’Neal’s mouth while sleeping

Shaquille O'Neal

Dwyane Wade and Candace Parker of TNT hilariously threw grapes at Shaquille O’Neal while the Lakers legend was taking a power nap.

NBA analysts always worked hard to supply the analysis and news to the TV viewers, and, normally, sometimes they don’t get enough time to sleep. Thus sometimes, they tend to take a power nap during their breaks.

Shaq’s sleeping videos and images have amused the internet for years now. Nevertheless, he has been a meme for almost half a decade, and he enjoys it too. In a recent video, Shaquille O’Neal is seen taking a power nap during the break laying on the sofa.

Further, Big Shamrock’s colleagues Dwyane Wade and Candace Parker took a chance to annoy him. Both colleagues attempted to dunk some grapes in O’Neal’s wide-open mouth. However, they missed all the attempts, which awakened sleeping beauty.

O’Neal was 100% embraced in this situation, but he smiled. “Shaq’s always sleeping,” Parker said at the end of the video. Watch the hilarious video:

Shaquille O’Neal memes

Shaq’s hilarious videos and images have been circulating on the internet for years now, becoming a great entertainment source. Nevertheless, O’Neal has been contributing to the meme culture from his ‘sleeping Shaq’ to ‘surprised Shaq’ meme templates.

He broke the internet through his sleeping and surprising images. The advertising news blog AdWeek posted an article on April 2, 2009, titled, “Why Aren’t More Athletes Making Better Use of Facebook Public Profiles?”, which contained a photograph of O’Neal sleeping. Following that post, O’Neal’s sleeping image got viral, and people started editing the image with numerous meme ideas.

Sleeping Shaq Meme template

Sleeping Shaq

‘Surprised Shaq’ is another viral image that was taken from NBA star’s appearance of the YouTube Series “Hot Ones” Interview. The idea of the interview series was, “guests answer questions while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings.” 

Surprised Shaq

Surprised Shaq

The different facial expressions made by Shaquille O’Neal during the interview got viral overnight via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Since then, the former Lakers star has become a meme personality. 


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