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Stephen Curry Feels Losing to Atlanta Hawks After a 37 Points Blast Is Really “Frustrating”

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors slumped to yet another loss on Sunday night against the Atlanta Hawks despite an exemplary performance from Stephen Curry. He led the fight for the Warriors all through the game. However, a collective effort from the Hawks was good enough to seal the win.

As the league progresses, the defensive frailties of the Golden State Warriors are becoming more evident. Each team that they play against can get to the byline with concerning ease. In fact, critics are of the opinion that this side is one of the worst in the entire league when it comes to defense.

Stephen Curry was not pleased with his team’s performance after the game. In the post-game press conference, he admitted that losing a game even after scoring 37 points on his own is very “frustrating”. To hear a relatively calm player like Curry come out and say this, should spark some reaction from the other players on the team.

Curry said, “We were really looking forward to bouncing back tonight. It did not happen. It was frustrating, you know for a lot of reasons. Now we have a game on Tuesday against a great team. We gotta show up, compete, and see what happens”

He continued, “There is still a good amount of time to get things back on track. However, you cannot play the way we’ve played for the last significant stretch. We can’t expect things to change with this form. So we gotta make the necessary adjustments. Because it sucks right now. It’s a terrible feeling in the locker room.”

A sterling effort from Stephen Curry not enough to take the Warriors through

Chef Curry continued his hot-streak in this game and got cooking early. He finished with 37 points and five rebounds to his name. Apart from him, only Kelly Oubre Jr. performed relatively well, scoring 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Stephen Curry

ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 4: Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors dribbles the ball during the game against the Atlanta Hawks

Clint Capela of the Atlanta Hawks took the game away from the Warriors all on his own. He got a double-double to his name by scoring 24 points and finishing with 18 rebounds.

The Golden State Warriors are 10th in the Western Conference standings. Moreover, they have a concerning three-game losing streak. At the moment they are not in contention for the playoff spots. However, if they manage to get back on track, then there are enough games left to steer their ship out of dire straits.

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