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Stephen Curry Feels “It Was Winning Time” for Warriors After 41pts Blast Victory Over Bucks

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry guided his team back to winning ways against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night. After a recent dip in form, the Golden State Warriors finally rose to the occasion and took the game to the opposition. With a formidable lineup, they fought valiantly until the buzzer to stitch together an incredible comeback.

Chef Curry got cooking in this game. He was the highest scorer and was influential in his team’s endeavors. He directed the Dubs’ offense and contributed to the defense as well. This was his fourth 40+ point game since the start of the season in January.

His performance garnered praise from teammates and coaches alike. In the post-game press conference, he talked about how he was pleased with the way his team performed during the course of the game. He said, “I feel pretty good every game. So I felt like I could play more. Obviously, considering where we are right now and the way the game was shaping out, it was winning time and I’m glad we came away with it.”

He continued, “I am not sure how my performance looks like on my record. However, I feel like that was necessary tonight.”

Stephen Curry leads his team through a rampaging comeback

It needed a courageous fourth-quarter performance from the Golden State Warriors to seal the tie in their favor. Stephen Curry led the line with 41 points to his name. Steph also had six rebounds and four assists in this game.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors plays defense against the Milwaukee Bucks

After the game, Curry talked about his elation in the post-game press conference. He said, “Honestly, I’m enjoying the night. You could see a lot of emotion tonight from everybody. We all knew how much we needed this, and you want to maintain that joy and energy and hopefully come Friday, Saturday put together two really good performances and give yourself a chance to win and sustain that.”

The Golden State Warriors are tenth in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, they are not in playoff contention. However, with veterans like Stephen Curry and Draymond Green on board, they will look forward to one final push for qualification.


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