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Stephen Curry and Seth Curry, Both Brothers Get Injured on the Same Day

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and Seth Curry are brothers who play for different teams in the NBA. Stephen plays for the Golden State Warriors while Seth plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. In a bizarre turn of events, both of them got injured on the same night in different matches.

Stephen Curry got injured while attempting a 3-pointer in the final seconds of the third quarter against the Houston Rockets. Despite being in an uncomfortable position, he managed to get his shot up and started falling backward. From the video, it is clear that he fell on his tailbone and hurt himself in the process. He was seen writhing in pain and did not return in the fourth quarter.

Seth Curry was also injured in a similar manner as he slipped while trying to get his shot up. In the fourth quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks, The 76ers tried a fast-break with Curry having the ball. After contorting in pain for a while, he decided to exit the game.

Stephen Curry unsure for the game against the Grizzlies

The Golden State Warriors later confirmed that Steph experienced a tailbone contusion. Warriors coach Steve Kerr admitted that he knew very little about the seriousness of the injury. He said, “No idea if he’ll play in Memphis. But he seems to feel like he’ll be fine in the next week or so. We’ll see. Don’t take that to mean he’s out a week. He could be back practicing tomorrow, for all I know.”

The “baby-faced assassin” finished the game with 18 points. He also had eight assists in the time he was on the court. The only upside for him in this game was that the Warriors were able to bounce back from the defeat against the Lakers and won 108-94 against the Rockets.

The Philadelphia 76ers stated in a press release that Seth Curry suffered a sprained ankle injury. In the 26 minutes he was on the court, Curry scored 10 points for his side.

The Golden State Warriors are ninth in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, they are not in contention for the playoffs. The Philadelphia 76ers, on the other hand, are top of the Eastern Conference standings and are considered as title contenders this season.



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