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Stephen ‘Curry and Kyrie Irving Remind Me of My Childhood’ Jalen Rose Discusses NBA’s Best Ball Handlers

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are arguably the best ball handlers the league has ever seen. Both these guards have lit up the league with their outrageous skills and technique. However, ball-handling is not the only skill they both possess as they have shown in the years they have been in the league.

Curry and Irving have been the pioneers with shotmaking in the modern game. Ray Allen had kept the art alive before Curry and Irving. However, shooting from behind the arc has now become one highlight of the small-ball style the league is increasingly leaning towards.

In a recent post-game show, TV analyst Jalen Rose talked about how the incredible ball-handling of Curry and Irving reminds him of his childhood. He said, “Steph Curry is a 30+ point scorer in every game and is not ball-dominant. He just takes a lot of shots. Curry has unlimited range, and that’s off the catch and screen.”

He continued, “Usually the guy who is the best shooter does not have the crazy handle. Like Ray Allen was never in the conversation for best ball handler in the league. And lastly, he is a great finisher at the hoop. He and Kyrie Irving remind me of my childhood. That is because I always thought about a Harlem Globetrotter playing in the league.”

Curry and Uncle Drew have risen to such a level only because they had the caliber to deliver in crunch situations. In the iconic game seven of the NBA Finals, when they both went head to head, Kyrie emerged as the victor. That happened because he could deliver a clutch three-pointer which was ultimately deemed as the game-winner.

Stephen Curry

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The addition of Steph and Kyrie in their respective squads has brought a touch of class to a machine-like league. They have shown time and time again that skill and shooting ability will always triumph over elaborate tactics and strategies.


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