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Stephen Curry Advices Injury Return James Wiseman To “Flip Terrible Situations, Work Over Body” Post a Convincing Win Over Cavaliers

Stephen Curry and James Wiseman

James Wiseman has been one of the revelations this season for the Golden State Warriors. The no.2 overall draft pick has featured in quite a number of games in his rookie season and to good effect.However, the 20-year-old is now set to miss the remainder of the season owing to an injury. After last night’s win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Stephen Curry had some choice words to say about his young teammate.

The Dubs Twitter account has confirmed that Wiseman will miss the remainder of the games due to a right meniscal tear. He went under the knife this morning and the surgery has been reported to be successful.

However, his reclusion from the squad has not stopped the Warriors from notching up wins in consecutive games.

In the post-game press conference, Steph said, “I mean honestly it’s tough. He was headed in the right direction and showing signs of progress. Like I said before, every time he got into a good rhythm, there was always something to hinder him. Either covid protocols or his wrist and now his knee.”

He continued, “I hit him earlier today to let him know that he has to think big picture. Wiseman is 20 years old and has a lot of basketball ahead of him. He has an opportunity now to flip a terrible situation on its head and work on his body and mind. He has to come back stronger and healthier for us whenever that time is.”

Stephen Curry being the ideal mentor to James Wiseman

The 20-year-old Wiseman could not have asked for a better mentor than what he has in Stephen Curry. One of the greatest shooters in the game, he can give him valuable inputs on how to improve his form and function at a higher level.

The Golden State Warriors have not yet provided any date on which Wiseman is expected to return. However, they have said that a statement will be released regarding his recovery in September.

The Dubs are ninth in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, they are not in contention for the playoffs. But they have a four-game winning streak and can use it to instill confidence in themselves.


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