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Kawhi Leonard Owes Everyone “Him vs LeBron in the Post Season” Declares Stephen A

Kawhi Leonard

The second half of the NBA season has begun. Teams are preparing for more intense games with teams as they battle it out for a place in the playoffs. The two teams from Los Angeles, the LeBron-led LA Lakers, and the Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers have assembled squads that are more than capable of winning the championship.

The LA Clippers have hired Tyronn Lue, a coach with a proven Championship pedigree. They also have players like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Patrick Beverley, players who can turn the game on its head anytime they want. However, their performances have not reached the heights expected from them at the start of the season.

TV analyst Stephen A Smith shot down Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers after their dismal performance against the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night. He said that he owes everyone “him vs LeBron James in the postseason. “Anything else is unacceptable,” said Smith.

Stephen A slams Kawhi Leonard for his underwhelming performances

Speaking in his show “Stephen A’s World”, he called out Kawhi Leonard and the entire Clippers team for not meeting the expectations. He said, “The Clippers are consistently disappointing when you are relying upon something else from them. The Clippers have now lost four of their last five, seven of their last eleven games. Since the start of February, they’ve only won two games against teams that are currently in playoff positions.” 

Calling out Kawhi, he said, “This Clippers team looks nothing like a championship contender at this moment in time. It’s time for Kawhi Leonard to get a whole bunch of attention pushed in his direction. It’s time for him to step up. A lot was expected from Kawhi Leonard when he arrived in Los Angeles. A lot was expected of the Clippers because of him.” 

He continued, “When he arrived as the reigning champion, the NBA Finals MVP, he had the crown dangling from his convertible. He tried to show LeBron that there’s a new king in town. Then LeBron was waiting in the conference finals, Kawhi didn’t make it there because he blew a 3-1 lead.”

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently fourth in the Western Conference standings, one spot below the Lakers. At the moment, they are in contention for qualifying for the playoffs. Moreover, with players like Kawhi and PG13 in their ranks, they will look forward to achieving something big this season.


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