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Shaq Thinks Leadership Wise the Los Angeles Clippers “Did a Good Job by Getting Rondo”

Rajon Rondo was traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the LA Clippers on Thursday.

The NBA trade deadline saw many players being traded from different franchises. Rajon Rondo to the Los Angeles Clippers was the most notable of them. The 35-year-old was traded from the Atlanta Hawks in order to bring in Lou Williams from the Clippers.

The LA Clippers are being touted as the winners in this trade by analysts. With the kind of squad they have in place already, they needed a point guard who reads the game well. Rondo fits the bill like no other. Tyronne Lue will be really happy with the squad he possesses now.

Shaquille O’Neal, Candace Parker, and Chris Webber sat down to discuss the deadline day trades on Thursday night. Their main topic of discussion was Rajon Rondo for the Clippers. While speaking about the trade, Shaq said that the Clippers “did a good job” in signing Rondo.

In the chat with ESPN, Shaq said, “I think leadership-wise Rondo is the perfect candidate. He has championship experience, he is great at moving the ball or getting people involved. The guys don’t need to have the ball all the time, I’m talking about Paul and Kawhi.”

What Rondo brings to the table for the Los Angeles Clippers

Rajon Rondo is one of the most experienced guards still playing the game. The form he had when he played for the Boston Celtics was astonishing. If he can bring back that form, then the Los Angeles Clippers suddenly become the team to beat in the league.

With players like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard already on their roster, the addition of Rondo will bring a positive mindset to the players. In fact, They might finally be able to deliver what was expected of them at the beginning of the season.

Lou Williams is the player who was sent the other way. The Hawks are receiving a player who has already had one successful stint with them. Moreover, Williams knows how the team functions and will be looking forward to making the most of the situation.

The Los Angeles Clippers are third in the Western Conference standings. They have leapfrogged their city rivals and defending champions, the LA Lakers, owing to a four-game winning streak. At the moment, they are well in contention for the playoff spots. They will also be looking forward to taking this form until the end of the season.

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