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Russell Westbrook Upset From Being Slandered As Triple-Double Stat-Padder

Russell Westbrook

The rise of Russell Westbrook to the top of the NBA has been as monumental as the greats of the game. No other player has not emulated the form he has shown for the past five years for different franchises. With his affinity to getting triple-doubles in each game, critics and analysts have touted him as the second coming of Oscar Robertson.

This year, Brodie found it difficult to find his rhythm with the Washington Wizards. However, as the season progressed, the 32-year-old has achieved a scintillating level of form which can give any other franchise a run for their money.

In the post-game press conference, after a disappointing loss against the San Antonio Spurs, Westbrook also talked about how he gets accused of being a stat-padder. He said, “I honestly believe that there is no player like myself. If people wanna take it for granted, sorry for them. If everybody could do it, they would do it.”


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It has been a tough season for the Washington Wizards. More often than not, they have struggled to find wins. However, Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal have played like bright rays of sunshine in every game. Their partnership in recent games has given hope to the Wizards’ fans for the upcoming season.

In the last month or so, Westbrook is playing at a level that is reminding everyone of his MVP season. He has racked up triple-doubles left and right for his team. That some people call him a stat padder is a disgrace in itself.

Russell Westbrook

The intensity he brings on the court is unparalleled. In every game, Westbrook can be seen urging his team to perform even better. Moreover, he has led the side from the front for the better half of the season. The Wizards management will be proud that they were able to secure a generational talent to play for their franchise.


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