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Richard Jefferson Shares a Spicy Insider of Offending Michael Jordan Once, Which Provoked MJ To Retaliate

Michael Jordan

There will always be debate about who is the greatest player in the history of basketball. However, no one can deny the fact that Michael Jordan will always be at the top of the discussion. Those who have seen him play, know just how good he was. And the rest still get inspired by watching his game tapes.

During his prime, the 6x Championship winner was unguardable. He had every little trick in his repertoire and a few of his own. Even during his third stint in the NBA with the Washington Wizards, MJ showed that he might be older, but he hadn’t lost his sheen.

Former Nets player, Richard Jefferson shared an anecdote about when he came up against “His Airness” in a recent interview. He said, “The real reason why Jordan is so amazing to me is that (with) Jordan coming back, we actually gave Jordan his worst loss ever. He comes to Jersey, we’re up by 40 at half time, their team wasn’t very good, and he was a little tired. So we’re cruising, we’re crushing them.”

Michael Jordan and Richard Jefferson

WASHINGTON – FEBRUARY 21: Michael Jordan #23 of the Washington Wizards looks to drive against Richard Jefferson #24

He continues, “So he doesn’t even play the second half, the game is over, fans are mad… But the next time we play them a couple of weeks later, he made sure to get his rest. He came after us. And what was so ballistic about that game is that this was back when the scores were like 92. So he scored half their points, there was like nothing we could do to stop him.”

Ever since Jordan retired, there haven’t been many who have achieved the feat of being compared to him. Such was his stature during his era that he commanded respect from everyone around him. Players who played with him or against him took pride in the fact that they were sharing the court with one of the greatest.


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