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Richard Jefferson Reveals He Almost Wrecked His Car While Driving After Hearing Jason Kidd Was Traded to New Jersey

Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson is one of the players who successfully made the transition from playing to presenting the game he loves. The former Brooklyn Nets player is now an NBA insider and an analyst for ESPN. He is always in and around the biggest games and happenings of the season and has plenty of anecdotes to share.

Jefferson divulged another hilarious anecdote about the time he and Jason Kidd got traded to the New Jersey Nets. At that time, the team was going through a tough phase and it was hard to win games.

He said, “Jersey was dog sh*t at that time. I was devastated when I got the news about being traded. I did not know a single thing about Jersey. So I’m driving on the freeway and I hear that the Phoenix Suns had just announced a trade. And they said that Jason Kidd was being traded to New Jersey. And I almost wrecked my car after hearing that. Everyone knows Jason Kidd, but for my generation, playing with Jason Kidd was like playing with Magic Johnson”

He continued, “I don’t even know that there is anybody in the game right now that could equate to Jason Kidd. Because his entire game was passing. And he was the greatest ever to do it. Playing with LeBron or Luka is different, they are scorers and passers. Kidd’s success was predicated on how much he helped other people succeed. So at that point in time, I was like this was going to be a problem.”

Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson went on to form one of the deadliest combinations in the NBA. They both were the key factors in getting the Nets out of the situation they were in. Since that season, the team started to win games and came on the right track to progress.


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