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Phoenix Suns are the hottest team in the league” Chris Broussard places the Suns ahead of the Lakers

Phoenix Suns and Lakers

Sports analyst Chris Broussard is back with yet another hot take. While on the show ‘First Things First’ Chris claimed that the Phoenix Suns would be an apt test for the Lakers and he would place them over the Lakers. The Suns are smoking hot after winning nine out of their last ten games. All-star guard Devin Booker is rejuvenated since landing on the all-star team. The scoring specialist is coming off a 43 points game. The Suns’ team has been looking dangerous after achieving the perfect balance between the young guys like Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, and veterans like Jae Crowder, Chris Paul.

On the other hand, Nick Wright claimed the LeBron lead squad is going to win in the matchup. He further added that the Lakers will secure all their games going into the all-star break.

Chris Broussard places the Phoenix Suns ahead of the Lakers

Phoenix Suns and Lakers

The Lakers have recently broken their four-game losing streak against the Portland Trail Blazers. Unfortunately, the LeBron lead team will have to play without Anthony Davis, who has been injured. The absence of the star center has been greatly felt by the team.

Nevertheless, the good news for the Lakers is that Dennis Schroder is back in the lineup. Broussard said that he would love to see the matchup between the two ‘feisty little guards’ Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder. But the basketball fraternity can never easily bet against a LeBron-led team. The Lakers squad also has some young players who have the potential to change the momentum of the game.

The Phoenix Suns should grab the perfect opportunity to get their third win in a row. Chris Paul who has been playing against LeBron over the years can give important pointers to the young guys. The Lakers are definitely an elite squad, but they have a target on their backs ever since they won the championship. It is yet to be seen if the Suns are up to the task of taking down the mighty Lakers.

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