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Paul Pierce Believes Rajon Rondo Will Be Able To Bring “Leadership” to the LA Clippers

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo was traded by the Atlanta Hawks to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night. This was arguably the biggest transaction on deadline day in the NBA trade window. The 35-year-old is known across the league for great ball-handling abilities and picking difficult passes.9

The Clippers reportedly tried to acquire Rondo in the offseason. However, they prioritized Serge Ibaka over him and took the trade route for Rondo. Critics have touted the LA outfit as the winners in this trade. They sent Lou Williams to Atlanta as part of the transaction. The Hawks will also get cash and two second-round picks as part of the deal.

Former player and TV analyst Paul Pierce has joined the bandwagon of Shaq and Kendrick Perkins in saying that the Clippers have done a good job in signing Rondo. In fact, he said that Rondo will be able to bring “experience and leadership” to the side.

Paul Pierce highly rates Rajon Rondo as part of the Clippers

In a conversation with ESPN about the trade deadline signings, Paul Pierce spoke about Rondo. He said, “Leadership is one thing that the Clippers have lacked. Rondo can help with that.”

He continued, “In fact, he was the third most important player in the Lakers championship run last year. I think he can do that for the Clippers because they now have a guy who is a leader, a champion, a guy who raises their IQ, and also a guy who knows what to do when it gets there.”

Rajon Rondo has maintained his terrific level of athleticism and basketball awareness over the years. Fanatics remember the kind of form he had when he was with the Boston Celtics. However, If he can create that sort of form again for the Clippers this season, they can challenge for the title.

The Los Angeles Clippers are third in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, they are well in contention for the playoff spots. Moreover, Tyronne Lue and his men will be looking forward to performing well in the postseason this time around.

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