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“Not the End of the World”: Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma Not Worried About the Team’s Recent Losing Streak

Kyle Kuzma

After starting the season with an impressive run, the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling right now. The purple and gold have four out of their last five games. Additionally, the absence of Anthony Davis isn’t helping their cause either.

Since AD was sidelined due to a calf strain, the Lakers have lost three consecutive games. The lack of defense was quite obvious with AD out from the lineup. There are still a few weeks left until Davis returns and it’s not looking good for the defending champions.

Because of their poor form, many are having second doubts about the Lakers really being the team to beat this season.

Kyle Kuzma on the Lakers’ losing streak

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

After a 127-124 defeat in overtime against the Wizards, forward Kyle Kuzma attended the post-game conference. During the conference, he was asked what’s the environment in the team’s locker room after losing three consecutive games. Kuzma stated:

We just got to figure it out. It’s not new and we’re the champs. Everybody comes in they play their best basketball against us. Everybody give us their best fight. And you know we just got to fugure it out. It happens, it’s not the end of the world so we just got to keep chopping wood.

Despite their current poor form, the Lakers are still the champions of the league. Additionally, they are not at their 100% right now and teams are taking advantage of that point. But once the team is 100% healthy and they are focused, things should be fine for them.

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Additionally, despite their losing streak, their superstar LeBron James is playing at an elite level. Which is a positive point for the team as well. But do you believe the Lakers will slid further down in the standings prior to the NBA All-Star break? Let us know your views in the comments section down below.

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