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Nico Mannion Is “Always Gonna Play Hard” Steve Kerr Impressed by the Rookie’s Performance Against Lakers

Nico Mannion

The LA Lakers ripped through the Golden State Warriors on Monday night. The 128-97 loss for the Warriors meant that they slip deeper into their struggles for a playoff spot. The team could not defend properly and missed quite a few important plays.

Nico Mannion played a big part for the Golden State Warriors in the game. He came off the bench for 19 minutes and tried to help his side in reducing the deficit.

Warriors coach, Steve Kerr was highly appreciative of Mannion’s effort through the game. In the post-game press conference, Kerr said that Mannion “did some good things.” 

Coach Kerr praises young Nico Mannion

In the post-game press conference, Steve Kerr was asked about how Nico Mannion performed in the game. He responded, “Nico did well. He knocked down a couple of shots. They were important shots in the second quarter. He kinda kept us afloat. Mannion really battled throughout the game.”

Also, continued, “He is always going to play hard. That is one thing with Nico. He is always gonna compete and get after a defense.” 

Nico Mannion finished with 10 points and 4 assists in the game. He also sunk two of his six attempts from behind the arc. There was also a funny incident during the game involving young Nico and veteran LeBron James.

As Nico Mannion started to get back into position after a turnover, LeBron James was in close proximity. He turned around, only to knock himself into the shoulder of LBJ. Commentators touted this as Mannion’s welcome to the league.

The LA Lakers are third in the playoff standings at the moment. They are well in contention for the playoffs. The Dubs, on the other hand, is ninth in the standings and are still one spot shy of the playoffs.

However, with players like Kelly Oubre Jr. and James Wiseman finding their feet along with the leadership of Steph Curry, the Warriors will be hopeful of turning things around by the end of the regular season.


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