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New York Knicks’ Julius Randle Hails “Focus” As the Key for Their Ongoing Streak

Julius Randle

Julius Randle and the New York Knicks recorded their eighth straight win against the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks stitched together a fightback in the fourth quarter to take the game into overtime. However, it was a brilliant display on both ends of the court from the Knicks to close out the game.

Julius Randle was as dominating as ever in this game as he gave yet another scintillating performance. His rise in form has made critics and analysts notice him and the 26-year-old is being rated as the most improved player this season.

In the post-game press conference, Randle talked about how the team has found a way to win games from untoward positions. He said, “Focus and attention to detail will be what it takes to sustain this level of performance for the rest of the season. Whatever it takes honestly. We are a deep team. For us, it’s just gonna be attention to detail on a certain level of focus.”

He continued, “We are not done yet. We have a long way to go. This is not about getting into some position, we are trying to build something here. We are trying to do things the right way. In our team, everybody believes in each other so we feel like anything is possible for us. Hopefully, this win builds confidence in our side.”

Randle was a country mile ahead of the opposition when it came to producing quality on the ball. He finished the game with 40 points and 11 rebounds. Moreover, he also racked up six assists during his time on the court. Apart from him, Reggie Bullock had a good game. He scored 18 points and also recorded four rebounds for his side.

Julius Randle

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 21: Julius Randle #30 of the New York Knicks drives to the basket during the game against the Atlanta Hawks

“This was a playoff-type atmosphere,” Quickley said. “As an NBA player, you have to be ready to step up.”

The Knicks side this season is the perfect amalgamation of experienced veterans and youngsters. Players like Derrick Rose and Randle can step up to the plate and deliver when their team needs it the most. Moreover, the youngsters can also create a positive impact on the flow of the game.

The New York Knicks leapfrogged the Atlanta Hawks with this victory and also secured fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings. At the moment, they are well on course for the playoffs. Tom Thibodeau and his men will be very confident about performing well in the postseason.



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