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“Never Go Against the Sniper” Kendrick Perkins Reveals of What He Learnt About Steph Curry

Stephen Curry was compared to Kobe Bryant by Steve Kerr

The form Stephen Curry has achieved over this season was emulated by none before him. This rum of astonishing performances has made everyone acknowledge the greatness of the 33-year-old if they hadn’t already. TV analyst Kendrick Perkins is surely one of them.

On Tuesday night, presenter Rachel Nichols tweeted about Stephen Curry reaching the milestone of 100 threes in a month. He has already set the record by making 85 of them with two games to go. Kendrick Perkins replied to this statement by saying, “Steph Curry will hit 100s by the end of this month! One thing I’ve learned is to never go against that Sniper. Carry on…”

The kind of shooting Stephen Curry has shown in the recent games has been nothing short of magical. He has pulled up from anywhere on the court and the ball has somehow found its way in. No amount of double-teaming and solid defense has seemed to stop him.

Teammates and coaches have been in awe of what Chef Curry has done over the course of this month. He has made more threes than anyone in the game’s history and has shown no signs of relent. Steve Kerr has admitted that he has no words to describe how good Curry actually is.

Stephen Curry

He said, “I don’t know, it seems like, I have run out of ways to describe Steph’s play, so I am just going to stop trying.”

If the Golden State Warriors somehow make the playoffs this season, Steph will suddenly become one of the favorites for the MVP award. However, that has a slim chance of coming true as the Dubs find themselves at the 10th spot in the Western Conference standings.

However, Steve Kerr and his men will feel that anything is possible as long as they have the best shooter on the planet on their roster.


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