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NBA Legend Charles Barkley Requests Logan Paul and His Brother Jake Paul To ‘Stop Beating Up These Basketball Players’

Charles Barkley

In a recent “IMPAULSIVE” podcast, Logan Paul divulged that after that fight, Charles Barkley came out to talk to him. According to him, Chuck said, “You and your brothers gotta stop beating up these basketball players. Everybody thinks they can fight nowadays. No! we’re basketball players.”

The Paul brothers rose to fame with their funny vines which subsequently led to their YouTube channels. Now, however, both the brothers are taking a different route and delving into the world of MMA and Boxing. This has led to both Jake and Logan Paul getting a lot of fame outside the world of YouTube.

Last year in November, Jake Paul fought Nate Robinson, the former Knicks guard. It was a fight that was watched all around the world and ultimately Jake prevailed as the victor.

After this, Logan and Jake admitted their admiration for the NBA legend. Logan said, “When Charles played, he was going out there and throwing elbows. Because he knew that guys were afraid of getting a broken nose. So he used that to make space for himself.”

Charles Barkley is the sort of player who has garnered praise for himself from everyone he has ever talked to. During his playing days, he was very intense on the court but friends with almost everybody off it. His feud with Shaq that later blossomed into a friendship is also well known. This character trait has helped immensely in him staying relevant, even after retiring.


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