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NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley Reveals He Is Getting 2nd Dose of ‘COVID 19 Vaccine Shot’

Charles Barkley

The United States have dealt with the COVID situation professionally. Including personalities such as Charles Barkley in their vaccine drives has boosted the cause. Moreover, things took a turn for the better as they have rolled vaccines out all around the country.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly stated that the vaccine is safe for everybody. Now they are using eminent personalities to back the vaccine shot. In a recent chat with former President Barack Obama, Charles Barkley also admitted that he has got the vaccine.

Barkley, along with Shaq, told people to stop worrying about the vaccine and take the shot. They also conveyed the message to take it as quickly as possible. Barkley said, “I get my second vaccine shot tomorrow. However, I cannot wait. It is important for us to keep talking about the vaccine. So I’m telling all my friends to get the vaccine.”

He continued, “Forget what happened in the past. Every black person, please go out and get vaccinated. It is for the betterment of our society.”

Shaq and Charles Barkley are one of the most distinguished personalities in the world of basketball. When they endorse a drive or a movement, it is bound to gain traction. So their endeavor along with president Obama must deliver excellent results.

Apart from them, many other personalities have come forward to show their support for the vaccine. Personalities like Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughey are some of the people who came forward to take the initiative. America is finally getting back on track and we are glass to hear that.


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