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NBA Analyst Skip Bayless Opens Up on His Preference of Dwayne Wade Over Stephen Curry ‘Any Day or Night Over’

Skip Bayless picked Dwayne Wade over Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has proved his worth time and time again this season. The value of his match-winning performances for the Warriors cannot be measured. However, in a bizarre turn of events, TV analyst Skip Bayless chose Dwayne Wade over Steph Curry in a recent show.

Bayless has a history of having controversial opinions about the NBA. In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe, he said that he will prefer D-Wade over Steph in the playoffs. He said, “I’ll take Dwayne Wade any day or night. He is also an all-time winner. High intangibles and also taught LeBron how to win championships.”

He continued, “I’m just saying who I want on my team. I’d rather have Dwayne. Right now, maybe Steph Curry can change my mind. However, I gotta see it.”

Shannon Sharpe vehemently disagreed with this statement. He said that Stephen Curry is a top 15 player and he is invaluable in the playoffs.

Stephen Curry and Dwayne Wade – In a class of their own

It has to be said that Dwayne Wade in his time was considered a true match-winner. Along with LeBron James and Ray Allen, Wade made the Miami Heat the team to beat in the mid-2010s. However, when their stats are compared, Steph emerges as the victor in almost all of the comparables.

Stephen Curry and Dwayne Wade vie for the ball

MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 27: Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat shoots the ball against Stephen Curry #30

With the Golden State Warriors, Curry has been to the finals five times in the last six seasons. That speaks to the impact he has had on the side. Along with stars like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, the Warriors created a team that seemed invincible for a couple of seasons.

Even this season, with all the star players out due to injury, Steph is turning it on for the Dubs. The 33-year-old is single-handedly carrying his side to the playoffs this year with his stupendous performances. All his coaches and teammates are in awe of the form he has shown right from the start of this season.

The Golden State Warriors are in a transition phase. The squad is undergoing a major upheaval which will take at least a couple of seasons to be stable. In these trying times, Curry has been the lone savior of the side in many games.


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