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Marcus Morris Sends Out His “Prayers for Nashville” Following the Flash Flood Incident

Marcus Morris

The city of Nashville in Tennessee woke up to a somber day. At least six people have died in the flash floods caused by incessant rain in the city. The deceased have been identified as people in their 60’s and 70’s. The floods have ravaged the city over the course of the weekend and have shown no signs of relent.

The floods have cost millions in property damage. Homes and office buildings have been swept away by the strong currents. Firsthand accounts show that the flood and rain did a lot more harm than what was expected of it.

The most damning of all pieces of information in these trying times is that more rain has been forecasted in the area in the next couple of days. This has been by far the most rain the state of Tennessee has seen since 2010.

Marcus Morris expresses his condolences

As soon as the news hit mainstream media, major celebrities from all walks of life came out to help and support the affected. Los Angeles Clippers player Marcus Morris tweeted “Prayers for Nashville” on Monday night.

Horrifying pictures coming out of Nashville show homes being swept away by the currents and cars submerged on roads. Authorities have confirmed that more than 10 people had to be rescued from the fast-rising water levels in their homes.

A resident from one apartment building in Antioch, south of Nashville, told that she woke up to a mudslide compromising the building. “You don’t think that tiny little creek can get that vicious,” Abbe Bolduc told the affiliate. She was one of 15 people rescued from the CityVue Apartments Sunday.
Six people have lost their lives owing to the flash floods in Nashville

Six people have lost their lives owing to the flash floods in Nashville

Nashville Mayor John Cooper said, “Metro’s first responders have worked tirelessly following the city’s second-highest ever two-day rainfall, which flooded neighborhoods across the county,”

This is the worst situation the city has faced in a long time. Even worse than the Tornado and Derecho they faced last year.


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