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Luka Doncic Praises Dejounte Murray Stating “He is a Good Defender”

Luka Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks hit a jackpot when they decided to trade for Luka Doncic in the 2018 NBA Draft. In just three years, Doncic has established himself as one of the best young players in the league.

Now the European magician is on the path to becoming a top superstar in the league. Although he still lacks the playoff experience, it’s only a matter of time this flaw is eradicated from his game. Even last season, he single-handedly took the LA Clippers to six games in the first round.

If his teammates had played any better, the Mavericks might have advanced to the next round. Well what’s done is done, this season could be different for the team. Luka Doncic and the Mavericks are currently at the eighth spot in the West.

There is still almost half of the season left so they might still clinch a top-five seed in the West.

Luka Doncic on Spurs’ Dejounte Murray

Luka Doncic

Tonight, the Mavs faced off against the Spurs in their first game post All-Star break. Doncic registered a triple double and helped his team to win the game comfortably. During the game, Luka pulled off another one of his signature step back threes. Murray was completely humiliated on that play. In the post-game interview Luka made comments on it and said:

It’s a great feeling but I think he was doing an amazing job on me today. He’s a really good defender but when you do a move you feel good about it.”

As Luka explained, despite Murray being a good defender, he was caught off guard by Doncic’s move. At the end of the day, Luka was the one who won this battle.

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If he can continue in this kind of form, the Mavericks’ future is in the safe hands.


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