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LeBron James Reveals it’s Because of his ‘IQ’ that He Can Withstand all the ‘Bumps and Bruises’

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Playing in the NBA is one of the biggest dreams for any basketball player. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been in the league for 18 long years. In his time in the NBA, James has added several jewels to his crown.

Most recently, LBJ carried the Lakers on his back to an NBA Championship last season. However, in that process James’ body has gone through a lot of wear and tear. He has put his body through thousands of minutes in the regular season and postseason.

All that wear and tear is bound to catch up to LBJ at some point. With him turning 36 years old, it might finally be time for James to endure the effects of playing in the league for so many years.

LeBron James talks about playing in the league for 18 years

LeBron James

It is a known fact that LeBron spends more than $1 million on his body each year. But is he really fit? In an interview with Lakers reporter Harrison Faigen, James revealed his true thoughts about the wear and tear that the NBA puts on a player’s body.

I want to feel as good as I can, but I’m never going to be healthy again. Shit, I haven’t been healthy since the first year I entered the league. You get bumps and bruises and knicks and knacks and things like that.

“I do a great job of just keeping my body in the best shape I can possibly be in during that particular season, but more importantly than my body is my mind. As long as my mind is fresh then I can get over the bumps and bruises that my body may endure. My mind on the floor gets me through games and I’m still able to play at a high level… because of my IQ.”

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What LeBron is doing at the age of 36 is something unseen and unheard of. Do you think he can help the Lakers win another title this season? Feel free to leave a comment about the same down below.


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