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Kyle Kuzma Reacts to His Fourth Quarter Blast Narrating He Was “Pretty Much Eye F**king LeBron To Get the Ball”

Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma went off in the fourth quarter to ensure that Los Angeles Lakers return to winning ways. Unreal performances from Montrezl Harrell and Kyle Kuzma helped in the Lakers winning 105-100 against the Indiana Pacers.

Coming into the final quarter, the Lakers were behind by 12 points before making a strong comeback in the final minutes.

LeBron James was all praises for the incredible young pair of Kuzma and Harrell. In the post-game press conference, he praised Kuzma, “It’s all about growth, and the game has just slowed down every year for him. He knows his role with this team and he does it to a high level, and tonight was another example of that.”

Kyle Kuzma quips about his performance in the final quarter

Kuzma was well into his hot streak when the fourth quarter arrived. He scored 15 of his 24 points in the final quarter itself.

In the post-game chat with the reporters, the 25-year-old explained more about what went on in his mind during that run. On one particular play, he stared down LeBron for a good 3 seconds before he passed the ball to him.

Talking about that incident, he said, “I mean, we were looking at each other. That too for the entire posession.” He continued, “I was pretty much eye-f**king him to pass me the ball. I’m glad he found me and I made the shot.” 

Expressing about veteran Center Anthony Davis’ absence from the team, LeBron James said, “Some things go without saying. We all have to step up in AD’s absence, and Trezz did that tonight on both ends. Especially in that fourth quarter, he stepped up big-time offensively and we needed that push. We had a few quarters where we didn’t shoot the ball well, we weren’t making shots, but we hang our hats on our defense and then Trezz got it going in that fourth quarter, and that was big-time.” 

Lakers restarting their title charge

The Los Angeles Lakers are third in the Western Conference standings. They are well in contention for the playoffs.

With AD coming back in a few weeks and LeBron James continuing his MVP run, the Lakers find themselves in a really good position. They will be looking forward to qualifying for the playoffs and defending their title this time around.



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