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Kevin Durant Needs to Win a Chip This Year With Nets’ ‘Bomb Squad’, Remarks Stephen A

Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant is arguably one of the biggest superstars in the league. With a super team with Kyrie Irving and James Harden, Durant and the Nets are the clear favorites for the NBA title this season.

While there is no doubting his ability on the court, his off-court antics have been in question recently. Be it his very public feud with comedian Michael Rapaport or him openly criticizing analyst Shannon Sharpe, KD doesn’t shy away from speaking his heart out.

Durant recently caused a stir among fans with his recent comments. Speaking with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in an interview, Durant expressed that he wasn’t worried about the NBA championship, rather was focused on developing his game. Stephen A. Smith was certainly not the biggest fan of the comment. In an appearance at the First Take, Smith emphasized how important it was for the Nets to win the title.

“In the end, here’s the bottom line: you got to close, you got to close the deal. If you’re healthy and on the court together and you don’t win, I assure you, walking the streets of New York city won’t be too damn easy for you. You can’t walk around with an attitude like, ‘I’m just is about to process and it ain’t about winning a chip’ not with this bomb squad you’ve assembled.”

Irving, Harden, and Durant

Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant have been very influential in turning the tide for the Brooklyn Nets

The pressure is surely on the Nets this season. Rarely has the NBA seen such a super team with so many supreme talents. Given the defensive nightmare Brooklyn can be for other teams, they are the clear favorites in the Eastern Conference.

But one of the biggest concerns for the team is how less the big three have played with each other. Till now Harden, KD, and Kyrie have only played a total of seven games with each other. Can the team be able to perform at the highest level or falter due to the lack of playtime? Can Kevin Durant lead the Brooklyn Nets to their maiden championship? Give your opinions and reviews on it in the comment section.


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