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Kevin Durant Calls Stephen Curry ‘Such an Artist’, Adds ‘It Was a Joy To Play Against Him’ Post Win Over Pelicans

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry was a partnership that struck fear into the hearts of opposition defenses. The Golden State Warriors squad of 2015-16 was iconic because of these two players. They were a part of the team which is considered as one of the greatest of all time, alongside the 98′ Bulls.

While Steph stayed with the Golden State Warriors, Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets in search of greener pastures. Since then, both these players have met in a few games against each other and it has always been a tasty affair. Seeing two stalwarts of the modern game going head-to-head is always a thing to behold. Sa

After the Brooklyn Nets won against the Pelicans on Wednesday night, Durant was asked to speak on his former teammate in the post-game press conference.

He said, “It is hard to describe it in words. It is just the feeling and the spirit that he plays with. He just calms everybody down with his gameplay.”

He continued, “Not just the basketball community in the bay area, but everybody who watches him. Curry plays with so much enthusiasm and skill. He is such an artist at what he does. It was a joy to play against him and compete against him, but when you see that every single day, it only sharpens you and makes you better.”

KD and Stephen Curry – on opposite ends of the winning spectrum

After leaving the Dubs, Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets who formed a super team around him. With the likes of James Harden and Kyrie Irving, KD and his merry band of superstars are on their crusade to challenge for the title.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEB. 13: Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) drives to the hoop defended by Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant

On the other hand, Stephen Curry has carried the Warriors on his back throughout the season. With Klay Thompson out owing to injury, he has to put in superhuman efforts every single game in order to guarantee a victory for his side.

Moreover, the Golden State Warriors are in the midst of a major upheaval in their roster, so many veterans like Andre Iguodala were asked to leave in earlier seasons.

The Brooklyn Nets are at the top of the Eastern Conference standings at the moment. In contrast, the Golden State Warriors are tenth in the Western Conference standings. Their chances of qualification in the playoffs look extremely slim.

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