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Jamal Crawford Reveals He Stole From Other NBA Guys To Make His “Own Crossover”

Jamal Crawford was renowned for his crossovers.

The name of Jamal Crawford is etched in the mind of every person who understands the art of Basketball. He is arguably one of the most prolific guards to have ever played in the league. Critics and former teammates have repeatedly said that he was ahead of his time when it came to reading the game.

One thing that comes up when someone hears the name of Jamal Crawford is his crossovers. When Crawford had the ball in hand, nobody was safe. Opposition sides used to double-team him every chance they got. The speed with which he maneuvered the ball was something to behold.

In honor of his legacy, ESPN invited Crawford to have a chat with Shaquille O’Neal, Candace Parker, and Chris Webber. They talked about how the 41-year-old changed the perspective of every other point guard in the league when it came to having great handles.

Jamal Crawford divulges the secret to many of his iconic crossovers

Anybody who plays the game knows how humiliating it is to get crossed over by another player. Furthermore, to get crossed over in front of 15000 people is a different story. That is why Jamal Crawford was so renowned. In his conversation with Shaq and Candace, he was asked about where did he find the inspiration for his crossovers. He said, “I saw all the legends do it before me and I was mesmerized.”

He continued, “I grew up watching all the players like Isaiah Thomas and Allen Iverson. I wanted to put my own mix together and steal from all those guys I grew up watching.” 

Crawford invented the iconic “Shake & Bake” crossover, a move that has stayed relevant to this day. Many players in the NBA have tried to emulate the move after him and have used it to beneficial effects.

Apart from having great handles, Jamal Crawford was also a terrific team player. His most prolific stint was with the New York Knicks from 2004 to 2009. Crawford also holds the record for the most career four-point plays in the NBA.

After a 20-year-long career, Crawford decided to hang his boots in 2020 when he with the Brooklyn Nets.



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