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“I’ve Run Out of Ways to Describe Steph’s Play” Coach Steve Kerr in High Regards for the PG’s Performance

Stephen Curry

Steve Kerr has managed Steph Curry since the former was signed as the head coach for the Golden State Warriors in 2014. Since then Kerr has gone on to win three NBA Championships. Steph Curry has been the most integral piece in the Warriors style of play over the years. While Kevin Durant may have been the best player in the roster, Curry was the one who got the offense ticking.

The greatness of Steph Curry is justified. Often labeled as “The Man who changed the NBA”, Curry is a generational talent. Under Kerr, the point guard has won two MVPs, where one was the first-ever unanimous MVP in NBA history.

After seven years with the Warriors, Kerr has given countless press conferences. So when he was asked about Curry once again after their 117-113 win over the Sacramento Kings, Kerr was speechless.

When the reporter asked Kerr about the memorable month that Curry has had. Kerr had a small laugh and said “I don’t know, it seems like, I have run out of ways to describe Steph’s play, so I am just going to stop trying.”

Does Steph Curry deserve to be the MVP if the Warriors make it to the playoffs?

Stephen Curry

Steph Curry has averaged 31.3 points so far this season compared to 30.1 points in 2016 when he won the first ever unanimous MVP in NBA history

If a comparison is made between the numbers Curry has posted this year to his unanimous season. He should win it. But back in 2016, Warriors had the best ever record in NBA history of 73-9. This year they rank 10th in the Western Conference with a record of 31-30.

There is no doubt that Curry is the Warriors offense right now. They are 1-7 this season without Curry. While Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. have played well in spurts, neither has shown an ability to lead a team, and when Green is the leader, the team struggles. This Golden State team cannot last without Curry on the court, and we knew coming into the season that if he missed a stretch of play it could have drastic consequences.

While the team record may hold Curry back from winning a third MVP title, it does not take any greatness away from the greatest shooter of all-time.


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