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“It’s Total Bull Crap” Steve Kerr Criticizes Play-in Tournament After Warriors Regain Western Conference 8th Seed

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr

The NBA play-in tournament has gathered a lot of attention ever since the idea was put forward. The opinions have been mixed. While some were critical of the play-in tournament, some were full of praises for the new format change.

LeBron James was one of the players who was critical of the change. And so was Mark Cuban. Two of the league’s most outspoken figures. They were offering emotional reactions to their teams’ unpleasant circumstances in the standings. Cuban felt this season was not the time for experimentations. While his statement may have some regard, given the pandemic and the compressed season, the format change is doing its job — and promisingly so.

The NBA have emphasized of finding new ways to make the regular season matter more for quite some time now. Tanking has not been eradicated by the play-in chases, but there is certainly less of it. And the play-in games themselves are an additional revenue stream that will ultimately flow into the players’ and teams’ pockets.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr had a hilarious response when asked about his views about the play-in tournament. The Warriors are locked in to the play-in tournament. Kerr’s squad will enter the play-in tournament needing to secure at least one win, potentially two, depending on their final game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

“If we’re ninth or tenth [in the Western Conference], I would love it,” Kerr joked with reporters about the Warriors being in the play-in tournament. “If we’re seventh or eighth, I think it’s total bull crap.” However, the Warriors coach fully admits he likes the idea.

How will Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors fare in the play-in tournament?

Stephen Curry

Steve Kerr (R) will have a lot of hopes on his star player Stephen Curry (L) to lead the Warriors to the playoffs

Ever since the season ending injury to Klay Thompson before the start of the season, many predicted the Warriors had nothing to play for and they would end up in the lottery picks. Credit is due for Steve Kerr for managing to turn the season around with his current squad.

With the leadership of Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, Kerr has been able to manage a young and inexperienced roster fairly well. The Warriors now are 38-33 and sit in a tie for eighth place in the Western Conference. But their final final seeding will be determined on Sunday, the final day of the regular season.

If Kerr’s team manages to hold on to their eight place, they may be up against the Mavericks or Blazers or Lakers for the seventh seeding in the playoffs. However, if they end up in the ninth place, they must win two games in a row to advance. The stakes could not get any higher.


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