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Bradley Beal Feels Frustrated on Not Being Rewarded on Fouls

Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal had a disappointing game as Washington Wizards succumbed to a loss against the San Antonio Spurs. The Wizards stretched the game to overtime on the back of stupendous performances from Beal and Russell Westbrook. However, that simply was not enough as the Spurs kept chipping away at regular intervals.

This defeat deflated the Wizard’s squad, who were upbeat after equalling the franchise record of eight straight victories. For a couple of weeks, it looked as if the Wizards were on course to do the unthinkable and qualify for the playoffs.

The officiating of this game particularly frustrated Bradley Beal. He condemned the decisions that were made during overtime. They should have awarded two free throws to him on the foul.

He said, “It is beyond frustrating honestly. Because I feel like I’m one of the guys who respects refs and their profession. Even the referees agree upon it. To still not get rewarded for blatant fouls is ridiculous. They are not perfect, they are gonna miss calls just like we miss shots. So, to each their own.”

He continued, “Our defensive energy was bad towards the end. We kind of didn’t lock into our guys. We did not help each other. More importantly, we did not rebound the ball well enough. I don’t think they were bigger than us, I just think that they were more motivated.”

Bradley Beal continued his scoring streak in this game as he finished with 45 points. Moreover, he also racked up three rebounds and an assist during the course of the game. Apart from him, Russell Westbrook just kept on with his usual and also recorded his 29th triple-double of the season. He finished the game with 22 points, 13 rebounds, and 14 assists for his side.

Bradley Beal

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 26: Bradley Beal #3 of the Washington Wizards dribbles the ball against Patty Mills #8

The Washington Wizards are 10th in the Eastern Conference standings. At the moment, they are not in contention for the playoffs. The Wizards will look forward to winning all the games coming up to fortify that position in the playoffs.




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