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“It’s an honor, I embrace him” Carmelo reacts to him and LaMelo Ball being called Melo

Carmelo Anthony said that he has been watching LaMelo Ball since the rookie's high school days.

On Monday, the Moda Center witnessed something interesting. Two players with the same nickname took to the court for opposing teams. Carmelo Anthony, the 36-year-old veteran, was playing for the Portland Trail Blazers whereas LaMelo Ball, the 19-year-old rookie, was playing for the Charlotte Hornets. LaMelo Ball is having an extraordinary debut season with the Hornets under coach Borrego. However, Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, and Robert Covington combined to get the win for the Blazers.

Carmelo Anthony went on to score a season-high 29 points for his side, 18 of which came from beyond the 3-point arc. His sixth shot from downtown set the franchise record for most 3-pointers in a game. LaMelo Ball was the top scorer for his team, with 30 points and six assists to his name. After the game, Carmelo Anthony and Ball swapped their shirts out of respect and love for each other.

Carmelo Anthony on swapping shirts with LaMelo Ball:

In the post-game press conference, Anthony was asked about how he felt after swapping shirts with the rookie. He said, “I think LaMelo is somebody who is gonna be in this game for a long time. so you guys might as well get used to the name ‘Melo’. I don’t get into that though. For me, it’s a respect thing, it’s an honor for him to have that name. For him to embrace it, for him to do the celebration. It’s a blessing, I embrace him.”

LaMelo glad he swapped shirts with the veteran:

Speaking to the reports after the game, LaMelo ball divulged more about the swapping of shirts. He said, “It was nice, I mean, (it was) pretty much just all love, showing respect both ways.” Carmelo Anthony also talked about watching Ball grow up. “I try to embrace the next generation of guys and the young players,” Anthony said. “It was fun playing against him tonight. You know I’ve been watching him since he was in high school.” 

Carmelo Anthony was happy that Ball did his iconic celebration.

LaMelo ball does the iconic “3 to the dome” celebration. This move was made popular by Carmelo Anthony.

The Portland Trail Blazers are fifth, and the Charlotte Hornets are eighth in their respective conference standings. Both the teams are in contention for the playoffs. The Blazers will face the mighty Golden State Warriors in their next game on Thursday.


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