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“I try to be that every night ” LeBron James Talks About Performing at an MVP Caliber Level for the Lakers

LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers

After winning the 2020 NBA Championship, the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to repeat the same level of success. To achieve that, they need their superstar LeBron James to lead the team from the front.

So far, LBJ is fulfilling that role for the purple and gold. Despite being 36-years-old, LeBron continues to play at a breathtaking level. In fact, the King is still one frontrunner to bag in the 2020-21 NBA MVP.

LeBron James

Tonight James flaunted his skills against the Charlotte Hornets as the Lakers easily defeated them. LBJ finished the game with a stunning 37 points and went 4-of-9 from the three-point line in the process. After an amazing performance, LeBron revealed what it means to play at an MVP level even at this age. James said:

For me personally, the MVP, I try to be that every night for my ball club. And being available to them and being the best player on the floor every night. … Just being rewarded with that reward, it is something, it means something for sure. I am not gonna sit here and say it doesn’t mean anything to me.

LeBron James opens up on being in the MVP race

This victory further increased the team’s winning streak to four games since the NBA All-Star break. Can the Lakers continue this form and clinch the first seed in the West? We will find out in the next few months.

LeBron continued about his thoughts on MVP race, “For me to be able to win it a few times in my career has always been special. … At my age what I am able to do, what I’ve been doing this whole season, what I bring to the table every single night on both sides of the floor.

It would mean an unbelievable thing for me, personally at this point in my career. So, we should see where the chips may lay.”

Being in the MVP race is an honor for any NBA player. However, that has been pretty normal for LeBron over the last decade or so. Even last season, he finished second in the MVP race and many believed that shouldn’t have been the case.

This season, LeBron James once again has a chance to clinch this award. But do you think he can achieve that?

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