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“I Know That I FU***D Up” Kevin Love Expresses Regret for Viral Play on Monday

Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been one of the steadfast players in the ever-changing Cavaliers squad. He has shown countless moments of brilliance throughout his career with the side. Further, was a part of the iconic squad that won the title in 2016. Hence, when he showed indifference to the ball and just swatted it away in the game against the Raptors, it came as a shock to many.

In the game against the Toronto Raptors on Monday, Kevin Love was supposed to take the ball inbound. However, rather than taking the ball and passing it to a teammate, all he did was knock it away to a Raptors player who was quick to capitalize on the mistake and knock down a three.

In a recent press conference, Kevin Love apologized to fans and teammates about the ridiculous play that got viral on social media. He said, “I love this team, first and foremost. I know that I fu**ed up, I apologize for that. I’m not going out there to upset anybody, to embarrass myself. I do not want to embarrass this organization because I believe that I’m a part of something bigger than myself here.”

He continued, “However, I know that I’m a good human being. In some cases, I know I misunderstood and that’s fine. I love Cleveland and will rock with it till the day I die, I believe that I will come back here. I know that some people’s opinion of me has become sour because I haven’t been available and my form has not been the same this season. ”

Kevin Love has many qualities that work in his favor. One of the most prominent of those is his on-court leadership. In a league that is increasingly shifting towards the small ball approach, a court general is required in every side and Love does it effortlessly. He commands respect within his teammates and they follow his directions to the word.

Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 13th in the Eastern Conference standings.  At the moment, their chances of qualification look very slim. However, coach Bickerstaff and the team would want to finish the season on a high by winning their remaining games.


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