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“I Go Home, Come Back with a Loaded AK-47” Former LA Clippers Keith Closs Recalls Days of Feud From the 90’s

Keith Closs Jr. #33 of the Los Angeles Clippers watches from the bench during the game against the San Antonio Spurs at Staples Center on January 17, 2000 in Los Angeles, California.

Former Los Angeles Clippers player, Keith Closs, used to bring guns in the locker room as sometimes he forgot to keep that at home. Closs grew up on the streets and was connected briefly with the local gangs while he joined the NBA in the 1990s.

Keith’ Boss’ Closs started his professional basketball career with the LA Clippers in 1997. But before that, he was a full-time gangster. However, Closs’ teammates were unaware of his background.

Keith Closs appeared in a podcast with Jermaine Barnes & Mikey Domagala. He shared his story of bringing AK-47 in the locker room over a feud with Lamar Odom, Michael Olowokandi, and Maurice Taylor.

Even though he joined NBA, Closs was still habitant with his gangster lifestyle and sometimes forgot to keep guns at home.

One day, Keith’s fellow teammate Odom saw a gun in Closs’ locker, and later Odom snitched on him. After that, other Clippers humiliated Keith for bringing the gun in the locker room.

Closs got tired of teasing and humiliation. Later he brought an AK-47 to threaten Maurice and other players. “Once I get into it with Maurice at practice that’s what set it off. I’ll leave practice I go home you know it’s a 10-minute drive come back in full game gear. I got my rag on my side around my head. I got a loaded AK-47 banana clip over my shoulder,” Keith Closs said.

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Keith Closs threatened Lamar Odom with AK-47

During the practice session, Odom once teased Keith’s girlfriend, which made Keith upset. After that, Keith terrorized Odom with an AK-47.

The former LA Clippers star explained how he threatened Odom. “I walk in to the to the gym that we’re at I take out the clip take out a round toss it to Lamar,” Closs conveyed.

Closs pointed AK-47 to Odom on the same day he pointed to Maurice. After pointing a gun at Lamar Odom, Closs said:

“look tired of being nice I’m giving you passes long enough only reason you’re able to enjoy yourselves and that was because I say so.”

Keith Closs Jr. #33 of the Los Angeles Clippers battles for the rebound against Samaki Walker #55 of the San Antonio

Keith Closs Jr. #33 of the Los Angeles Clippers battles for the rebound against Samaki Walker #55  (Photo by Tom Hauck/NBAE via Getty Images)

Further, Closs threatened to kill Odom if he tried to clash with him in the future. “I make sure you have a good time I make sure that you stay safe I make sure that you keep your jewelry. I make sure that you stay alive. The next time I toss one of these at you you’re not gonna catch it,” Keith Closs said to Lamar Odom.

After Keith Closs was done with the threatening, he played with the Clippers for a few more years until 2000. After recording career highs in points, assists, rebounds, and steals during 1999–2000, Keith Closs’ career abruptly ended due to his drinking habit. 


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