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Hollinger remarks Ben Simmons as “Magician in the open court”

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is a player who rose to fame in his early years in the NBA and he has not looked back ever since. After being the first overall pick for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2016, he received the coveted rookie of the year award in 2018 ahead of Donovan Mitchell. His teammates and sports pundits rate him highly and his stats haven’t let him down.

However, Simmons is not in the All-Star line-up for the Eastern Conference this season. His teammate Joel Embiid who is also in the running for MVP got selected in his place. Ever since the rumors of his possible trade emerged at the start of this year, the Aussie has seen a considerable dip in his form. In fact, his average was only 13 points per game in January.

Ben Simmons’ form on the rise:

Ever since James Harden got traded to the Brooklyn Nets in mid-January, the trade rumors regarding Simmons subsided. Finding time away from the spotlight, Ben Simmons started chipping away at all his frailties. Joel Embiid started getting all the attention and Simmons quietly got on with his work.

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have been influential in keeping the 76ers at the top.

Moreover, the game against Utah Jazz proved to be the turning point for Simmons this season. Embiid did not play fearing a niggle in his ankle and Simmons scored a career-high 42 points in that game. His offensive output has increased surely but gradually and now he averages 22 points per game in February.

There have been no questions regarding Simmons’ defensive ability. In fact, he has been regarded as the best defensive player in the entire league. With his recent revival of form, “the fresh prince” has garnered praise from everyone.

John Hollinger is all praises for Simmons:

The Athletic’s John Hollinger made a strong case for Ben Simmons’ selection in the All-Star game. He said, “Why Simmons? He is far and away the best defender of this group and a magician in the open court. Yes, I’d like to see him shoot a 3 once in a while and be more assertive offensively in general, and I understand the case against him … But I suspect history will look more kindly on this choice than any of the others.”

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons scored a career-high 42 points against the Utah Jazz

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers sit at the top of the Eastern Conference table ahead of the high-flying Brooklyn Nets and the Washington Wizards. They are sure to get a spot in the playoffs and will try and make the most of that opportunity. Players like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are sure to help them in achieving their goals for this season.

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