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“Hit a bump in the road”- Kyrie Irving shares surprising playoff plans with Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving

The Brooklyn Nets have tapped a rich vein of form in recent weeks. In their longest stint on the road for this season, they have maintained a flawless record of six wins and no losses. The three stars in the starting line-up, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden have started to find their feet. They have been pairing well in training and all of the defensive issues have been sorted out.

In recent weeks, the Nets had a road trip due west in which they had to play some of the top teams in the Western Conference. They managed to beat teams like LA Lakers and Clippers without even having Kevin Durant in the team. Durant has been nursing a hamstring injury from the last four games. Many sports pundits believe that the Nets are well and truly on their way to the finals now.

Kyrie Irving talks about the upward spike in form:

Brooklyn Nets won 112-108 in a close game against the LA Clippers on Sunday night. After the game, Kyrie Irving was asked about how he feels about the team and what the mood in the dressing room was. He said, “We came here with a plan to be able to build something here in Brooklyn. I think, for the time being, winning six in a row, all it does is keep the world silent for a little bit and then, you know, wait until we hit a bump in the road.” 

Irving, Harden, and Durant

Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant have been very influential in turning the tide for the Brooklyn Nets

The loss against Detroit Pistons on 10th February proved to be the turning point for the Nets. Since then, their defensive stats have increased dramatically. They were even able to restrict the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers to under 100 points. Coach Steve Nash and Irving both agree that the match against Pistons made them rethink their plans going forward.

“We weren’t connected at all. That was embarrassing. So we just want to continue to demand that standard of excellence.” Irving said about the match against Detroit Pistons.

The Brooklyn Nets becoming a force to reckon:

Against teams that have a winning percentage of .500 or more, the Brooklyn Nets have fared really well. They have maintained a record of 12 wins and only four losses and have a league-leading win percentage of 75%.

James Harden said that he witnessed a “night and day” difference since he joined the team in mid-January. He continued, “We had a lot of frustrating losses. We don’t want that to haunt us at the end of the season. So we decided to, as a team, collectively pick it up, each individual.”

James Harden

James Harden said that he has noticed a “night and day” difference in the team’s performance

The Brooklyn Nets currently are second in the Eastern Conference standings. Their next game is at home against the Sacramento Kings whom they beat in a resounding 136-125 victory on 15th February.

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