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‘He’s got hands like Julio Jones’ Jordan Clarkson lauds Derrick Favors after victory over Grizzlies

Derrick Favors has been pivotal for the Jazz this season

Derrick Favors has risen to the top along with the Utah Jazz this season. Critics and analysts have touted him as the best shooting center in the league at the moment. Of course, there is some debate regarding that topic, but none whatsoever regarding how good he is under the rim.

Favors’ presence has added defensive solidity to the already exceptional Jazz side. This season, the 29-year-old has come off the bench to replace Rudy Gobert, and he has done that to good effect.

Earlier, Utah Jazz writer Sarah Todd reported that Jordan Clarkson spoke highly about his teammate. He lauded Favors for his distribution ability and receiving passes. He said, We’re not getting the best passes to him…but he’s got hands like Julio Jones and he’s just grabbing them.

Derrick Favors and team rally past the Memphis Grizzlies

Sterling efforts from Jordan Clarkson and Mike Conley resulted in a relatively easy victory for the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night. Conley finished with 26 points to his name in the match. He also racked up seven assists and four rebounds during this game.

Jordan Clarkson came off the bench to good effect in this match, finishing with 24 points and seven rebounds. Although the Jazz were without their All-Star Donovan Mitchell in this game, they scraped through.

Quin Snyder was quick to praise Mike Conley Jr, after his match-winning performance. He said, “I think our team showed a lot of grit. Mike Conley was terrific. Controlling the game, finding people. … In the end, we got a couple of stops when we needed to.”

The Utah Jazz are first seed in the Western Conference standings. At the moment, they are being touted as the championship favorites, and rightly so. Moreover, they have a seven-game winning streak which will only spur them on to perform well in the postseason.

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