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‘He’s by Himself’ Jamal Crawford Feels Ashamed of Social-Media for Ever Allowing Michael Jordan To Be Compared With Anyone

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan. The name itself strikes fear and respect in the hearts of those who played during his term. He played on a different level than everybody else around him. Therefore, some critics are of the opinion that he was way ahead of his time.

Jamal Crawford started his career just as MJ was leaving the scene. He joined the Chicago Bulls outfit that was still reeling from the shock of Jordan leaving the franchise. Crawford has admitted on multiple occasions that he watched the tapes of Jordan and tried to model his game according to that.

In a recent tweet, Crawford blasted social media for even allowing the players of now to be compared to Michael Jordan. He said, “I’ve watched this a million times, and still get chills every time. It’s a shame social media has ever allowed him to be compared to anyone. He’s by himself, always will be…just the facts.”

He attached this comment to a clip from Jordan’s documentary, “The Last Dance”. This post gained traction on social media and has started doing the rounds on it.

It was clear from Jamal Crawford’s initial years in the league that he was trying to emulate Jordan. He did that to good effect as his ball-handling had shades of MJ. After a few years, the same ball-handling skills would go on to become his signature move. A move that gave him the nickname, “Crossover Crawford”.





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