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‘He Started Making It Rain’ Shaquille O’Neal Made Fool of NBA Insider Crew Addressing ‘Usher Bucks Controversy’

Shaquille O'Neal

For a number of years now, Shaquille O’Neal has been the king of funny quips and gags in the world of NBA. He gave us all another glimpse at his funny side on Thursday in the NBA on TNT post-game show.

On Monday, Usher trended on Twitter after getting put on blast for throwing fake money with his face on it at a strip club. This caused dismay and bewilderment to the dancers. The photos of the “Usher Bucks” as they quickly became known as on social media went viral and caused an awful lot of jokes at Usher’s expense.

Usher later clarified that he was, in fact, paying the waitresses and the dancers in actual cash for the entire night. The clip was actually a way of promoting his new Vegas residency. Shaq even said that Charley Barkley’s guarantees on the show have as much value as $100 Usher Bucks.

What made the explanation funny was the way Shaq tried to make the conversation as television audience-friendly as possible. Shaq hilariously replaced the strip club with “grocery store” in his version of depicting things.

This kind of friendly banter between Shaq and Chuck is why “Inside the NBA” is so well renowned. The analysts discuss the game at length and try to get into the minute details. However, they also have funny segments where they berate each other or the players in good spirits.


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