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“He literally can do almost everything” Nash praises James Harden for his leadership and passion for the game

James Harden

Brooklyn Nets head coach, Steve Nash sang praises for James Harden after his record-breaking performance against the Spurs. The Beard was all fired up after putting up 30 points, 14 rebounds, and 15 assists with zero turnovers. Subsequently, this performance is the first of its kind since 1977-78 when individual turnovers began being tracked.

In the post-game interview, Nash talked about how James Harden can excel at any position on the floor. Pointing out the robust nature of the all-star, Nash talked about how James Harden transitions effectively back and forth from his MVP level, scoring to the ball handler and facilitator that the Nets need alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Steve Nash Praises James Harden for his leadership and passion

James Harden

“He’s a brilliant basketball player you know he makes others better, he can get to the line, he can finish in the paint and he’s always a threat from three so he can literally do almost everything there is to do out there and he also has been a great leader for us so he can control the game, you know he’s is a really smart defender”. “I think he’s been outstanding as far as just keeping his team on track, leading, talking things out, communicating and His passion for the game and his willingness to win is fantastic” he added.

Subsequently, James Harden is one of the most talented players in the modern NBA to never have won a championship. His efforts in Houston clearly proved his passion and dedication to win the crown. Meanwhile, his scoring and MVP titles show the incredible amount of talent he has. Harden was on the floor for 44 minutes, which is the highest among all the players available for the game. Further, this proves his ‘leading from the front’ mentality while also providing the Nets a robust superstar option.

After Kevin Durant is introduced in the Nets lineup, Harden will probably go back to being the point guard. But the fans will definitely witness the MVP Harden whenever the Nets are under-manned. It is yet to be seen that whether his passion and leadership are enough to get this team to a championship.


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