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‘Grow the hell up!’ Stephen A. Smith rips Dwight Howard for wanting to ‘stone cold stunner’ Giannis Antetokounmpo

Dwight Howard

ESPN’s analyst Stephen A. Smith criticized Philadelphia 76ers’ Dwight Howard for being rude towards Giannis Antetokounmpo. During last night’s game against 76ers, Giannis took a seat after hitting a clutch step-back in overtime. However, Howard didn’t appreciate the gesture and wanted to hit “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s signature finisher.

The 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks played a prime-time game on Wednesday night. The Sixers were ahead with a 9-point lead until the third round, but the Bucks stormed back and took the game in overtime 109-105.

Antetokounmpo scored 10 points in the overtime and then took a seat on the Wells Fargo Center floor to celebrate. However, Howard did not like that and said, “I wanted to go and ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ him, but I had already gotten one [technical foul]. It’s basketball. He wanted to have fun, but you know, we’ll see these guys again.”

“We don’t want to make a big scene about what he did. But today we allowed them to get back in the game,” D-12 continued.

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Stephen A. Smith does not appreciate Dwight Howard’s comment

Stephen A. Smith criticized Howard harshly because of his comment on The Greek Freak. Howard always celebrates his achievements, and now he is having a problem when someone celebrates him. “I mean please Dwight Howard has had his share of celebrations over the course of his career,” the analyst conveyed.

Smith told the 76ers star to grow up, leaving that unprofessional attitude. “Now that somebody celebrated on your home court you gonna have an attitude grow the hell up no that ain’t cutting it handle your business,”  

Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 of the Milwaukee Bucks hits a finger roll between Dwight Howard #39 of the Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MARCH 17: Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 of the Milwaukee Bucks hits a finger roll between Dwight Howard #39 of the Philadelphia 76ers and Tobias Harris #12 with Ben Simmons #25 looking on during the third quarter at the Wells Fargo Center on March 17, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)

Indeed, the comments from D Howard were rude and unprofessional. He should have responded to it via his gaming skills and points. The 76ers will meet Bucks again on April 22. So, Howard will have his chance to show off his celebration. 



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