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“Gotta Respond” responding to the last ejection, Draymond Green took the Hornets down having career high 19 assists

Sttephen Curry and Draymond Green

The last time when the Golden State Warriors played against the Charlotte Hornets, it ended up in a bitter defeat for the team. A late ejection to their veteran center Draymond Green ultimately gave the Hornets the upper hand.

However, since that heartbreaking defeat, the Dubs have bounced back strong. Tonight, they won, got their revenge against Charlotte, and extended their win streak to three games now. Furthermore, Green has an excellent game.

He finished the game with a triple-double, which included a career-high 19 assists for the 30-year-old. With this victory in the bank, the Dubs have moved to the seventh spot in the Western Conference.

If they can continue this newfound form till the All-Star break, the Warriors will have much more confidence in the second half of the season.

Draymond Green opens up on his performance against the Hornets

Warriors' Draymond Green

After playing his part in the sensational victory, Green joined for the post-game interview. In the interview, Green talked about his performance, said:

Well, I mean, I am a pretty competitive guy. And you know I don’t think there isn’t any surprise that last Charlotte game pissed me off. But, you know you gotta respond. I could sit and talk about it all I want or I can come out and respond. Since that game I have done that.”

As Green pointed out, since that game, the Warriors have been in terrific form. Further, Draymond Green is playing just amazingly in this stretch. Moving forward, the Dubs will hope to continue this form.

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They just need to help their superstar Stephen Curry, who continued his form tonight as well. If they can achieve this, the Warriors should not have any problem in making it to a higher seed in the Western Conference.


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